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What is the best application to find the cheapest car parts prices?

      A lot of our Arab brothers in Europe got their after a long struggle driving license finally , after passing the examination with great difficulty , and finally, they buy different cars and stuff, and the prices and sizes , each according to his need .

But the mission he bought the car quite cheap so abound the faults in the cars they have . Due to this, they will need to buy a spare motor to do the Switch but there is a big problem we might face when you buy .

Expensive rates at car dealerships or companies

Usually the prices of spare parts for expensive cars are there when the manufacturer , Plus also the price of installation of these pieces on the cars is expensive too, and dramatically .

So we must do some tricks to save money when you give any part of the car , and act intelligently instead of paying large sums to the manufacturers that you are selling a widget that will multiples of these rates, which are essentially non-expensive ,

will tell the day provided a personal experience of you to make it count and take the application that you try and purchase them personally

Personal experience !

After a period of driving the car frequently due to my don’t I have to do some maintenance on the car , this is one of the necessities to keep the car free from mistakes and flaws , so I had to switch the brakes “disc of the chart” in the front first and then 5000 kilometers you should switch the rear too , because it’s getting a little old.

so I decided to go to the car manufacturer due to the best car would be the best to deal with it accurately . You exchange the pieces for the front and everything was fine , but in fact the case everything is not fine because the transformation of these pieces in the car cost me 1200 euros with installation and everything .

The days passed and the time for switching the second piece for the back, but this time, I asked around outside the manufacturer . In some companies that perform services for cars and maintenance .

You find offers prices like 750 or 600 or 500 euros at a minimum ” the best 1200 “, but with that you look online and got a wonderful application very selling spare parts original 100% cheap price , so I downloaded the program and its use .

In the tee you purchase pieces 260 euros only with prices up to half, but I did purchase the best kind of like that you replaced the first time at the manufacturer . And to pay the fees of installation of 50 € to one of the workshops , who in turn’m even thinking of replacing .

The price when the manufacturer 1200 and at some companies, the sub is 750, but if you have that thing alone had cost me about 310 this is least four times the price that you pay in the company . So I recommend that you download the app and see the prices which act intelligently always when such attitudes

Application features

  1. Features of the app are many but we will mention the most important , the app says the work offers always increased by varying .
  2. Also the app will sell you pieces that are suitable for your car only , because it will ask for the type of car , and you can enter the type of your car with all the details of a list of all cars currently available .
  3. There in within the app too, accessories for cars and not only spare parts , so you can find oils and cleaning equipment and automotive glass and the wheels of cars that are available permanently .
  4. There is a list of sections of the great you can find everything about your car in this list at cheap prices and free shipping wonderful .
  5. Also upon purchase of the app will give you Points you collect and the discount of your next bill in the procurement process next .

The installation and the download and steps to use the app

  • First we download the software from the App Store Official 
  •  We installed the app after the download process and give the clearances necessary to teach the program naturally
  •  After opening the program the program will request information about the car , kind of car and year of manufacture and maybe the ID of the control “you find in the certification of the vehicle easily” , and the reason for this information to the application displays the widget to your car only that can fit your car , or which has been manufactured specifically for your vehicle . 
  •  After that search for the pieces that we need and also we can compare prices between manufacturers because there are a lot of manufacturers do .
  •  After everything is completed we put the pieces that we want to purchase in the shopping cart and then pay via bank transfer , or via PayPal , or by Mastercard , or Visa card ” I think the way to complete the payment and purchase is not complicated to do, provided it “
  • After several days you will reach the pieces to you in the shipping of all the strain will be taken and installed on the car thus has provided more than 75% for the same widget and the same manufacturer and the same quality .
  •  If you have any problem in the procurement process or choose the item or pay you can through the application adaptation with the support team via the screen and ask about anything on your mind . 

We have now come to seal the company’s development which today recommend you strongly to get it if you car owners . I hope the company you like it and see you in terms of articles to come, God willing .


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