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how to make money with solo ads for beginners 2019

How do I make money from udimi solo ads !

Well there are several ways to make money from solo ads
1- Promoting Affiliate offers solo ads  And promote these offers to your friends .
2- A particular offer can be selected and promoted by the Affiliate udimi solo ads .
3- Registration in one of the famous companies affiliate And choose an offer and promote it .
4- One of the best of these affiliate companies is Amazon, Click Bank and Jvzoo .
5- As well as you can make money from solo ads From drop shipping .
6- By building a website or landing page for your product and sending traffic to it .

Now let’s go to explain in a simple way

What is Udimi solo ads?

Udimi solo ads is an advertising network Through this network, you can purchase traffic to your product or website It saves you time and effort in knowing who has visited the service providers and evaluations of who has already purchased this service Avoid people who provide bad traffic .

What are solo ads?

solo ads she Are email ads You purchase an email ad package for your product and advertise them to increase your sales and profit through them , You use it to get good traffic, boost your sales and achieve the highest sales .

How to make $ 500 a day from solo ads

How do you use solo ads?

1- Select the affiliate company to be registered Like  ( Amazon, Click Bank ).
2- Choose the niche you are promoting and choose a good product .
3- Sign up for Udimi solo ads .

4- This is the most important step they choose  find a seller advertising udimi .
5- You will preview the vendor and see its revisions .
6- Direct link or landing page , Once you have selected the offer and selected the seller, you have two – promotion options: Norway for direct offer or promotion through the landing page .

– I prefer myself a landing page so as to pick up your visitors’ mail and build a mailing list and re-target them more than once.

7- Track and monitor your visitors : Sellers will send you full reports, but you should also track clicks and conversions , The best tracking tools are : Google Analytics and Click Meter .

Now I leave you with this video from the channel Ryan Hildreth About training on using solo ads
and make money 2019 enjoy this a video .

    This video explains how to use solo ads And how you choose the best seller . ——–   This is another important video from the channel Joshua Elder 

  Where he explains in this video How to make money for beginners step by step  From Click Bank and solo ads If you are a beginner I advise you to follow this video step by step  You will be able to earn your first good amount online .

earn 300 $ profit strategy from Clickbank with solo ads


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