how to earn from clickbank

how to make money and promote to clickbank products

how to make money using click bank now every millions of dollars on click bank think

i make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month on click bank right now i have been making money on clip thanks his two thousand twelve is when i hit my first is one thousand dollar a day that’s one thousand dollars profit in one day

the exciting stuff that day changed my life but i’ll show you how you can get started advertising and marketing products from click beings marketplace so first off you want to go to click calm and click bang

how to promote clickbank products for free

There are several ways to market your product for free . 1- A method is through marketing through social networks You can marketing by creating a Facebook page and marketing your product on it . Or you can market on Facebook Group for free to interested friends. You can also market via Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest or Instagram . 2-A marketing through the establishment of a special site for the product and interest Seo site , The visitor accesses your product through Google Free.  

we will except people from every country in the entire world i’ll except for two and i think that’s nigeria and north korea so you’re in any other country then nigeria north you can use click bank but what you have to do is you have to sign up so first thing you do is you create and account

and last year for some personal information last you know you’re address and your bank account information because that’s what it needs to actually pay you money but that been said click bank as a company that has been in business as for twenty one years so to trust

for the company it’s been around for a long time you can look it up and i can do the research for you but it’s a good company and i work with them a lot now the next step his you’ll go to the marketplace and you’ll see this this is a flat marketplace and this is we’ll find products that you want to advertise now the first step number one

emoting products on clicked bank has choosing what knits you want to be an and shoes a product to promote so come over here what we’re going to do is we’re going to look at products promote now as we see we’ll see there’s a bunch of category or he’s right here see right there and

and we can choose what category we want to promote stuff in so let’s say want to promote you know green products you like that are you can click in the search for you can click find a product so let’s say you’re interested in

how get traffic on facebook free to clickbank Products

you know it could be fishing it could be babies it could be walking running it could be fit yes but for this purposes of this demonstrate i’m just going to

the quito diet because that’s something i have been looking into recently prenup trying to work on this belly right here i’ll this search quito in the search far right there and then i will click this search but

so we see right here we have a lot of products see all these products that school and now in order to find the best product to advertise the time

how to make money and promote to clickbank products 

so i’m going  to do is i’m going to do this one over here which is called gravity and what i want to find and his gravity is sort of like a stand and for popularity but you want to find products that are meaning

advertised by other affiliate so we’re just going to we’re going to keep moving this up until we only get stuck with one and we’ll see this has a graph

we have one hundred and thirty eight which roughly means that one hundred and thirty a to other people are marketing this product and making

the money with that each week now that’s a really good indicator because which rather open a you know if you’re starting a business which rather open a mcdonald’s

for would you rather open a you know box burgers which one will people likely go for well there’s a lot more people making money with mcdonald’s there’s thousands of people who own mcdonald’s around the world if not tens of thousands and they’re all making money for a reason because the mcdonald and system works it’s well marketed it’s well branded it has to write food that people want the system works and it makes profits so more people don’t been mcdonald’s they have a higher when rate .

make this clear there’s no to an for the underdog on the internet you want to go with what’s already proven on the internet that’s why we use gravity

vedio ; John Crestani

When you watch this video you will learn a range of ways to promote your Clickbank products for free .

so the first thing we do is to get and link we would actually go over here and we click promote this is how you get to affiliate link and what you’ll see also up here is the information of how much money you make for a sail now you see right here it’s just twenty three dollars so on average if somebody by these

you know resources you will make twenty three dollars right here we click promote and when you signed up for clicked bank you’ll be given enough silly the tide and you’re just entering your fully did know let’s say it trevor three to one and you will click generate hop links

now what we’ll do is you’ll copy your hop link you can copy it or you can click this button right here to copy it and says you successfully copied your ha now what you need to do is he to put her how pulling up places i call it you’re fully that thinking to put it up

this is to get people to click on it who would be interested in buying whatever it is you’re selling so and the just way to people to click on your hop link is you know and i’m going to talk to as the

simplest way without even a website now i run a business i don’t have any employees every making millions of dollars a year and for a long time i didn’t even have my on the website so you don’t need a website either if you just want to get

i started you can start off with i get a search for key dome diet on you-tube here and you can put up youtube videos for free and what you .

With these words I have finished with you blogging by promoting your products on Click Bank for free.

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