how to earn from clickbank

how to make $100 a day online from copy and paste

this method to literally copy paste ads to make money i’m going to show you step by step

how you do this ok so first off you don’t want to run a business ?

well you have to actually like buy products and like ship out to people so you’ve got to do that then you have to provide us we’re sort of an address of business all this crazy stop ps warehousing x entered so let’s forget about ecommerce drop shipping or any that

can you earn $100 per day with a copy paste

yes you can earn 100$ a day with copycopying and pasting ,This is an innovative way to make money by copying and pasting
But you have to be more creative in implementing the strategy just put your touch .

stuff doesn’t work way too expensive next we you don’t want to have to fulfill the product you don’t want to have to do any work for it what we want to do this isn’t easy way to make money is just post links and the post things you need to do what i do for a living which is called affiliate marketed i make almost a million dollars a month in my business six figures a month

profit so i’m going to show you how you can do this now the first step is you need to sign up for

we’re in a fully at network you know one of these really networks i recommend is clicked bank this is the network we’re going to be discussing

vedio ; Jay Brown

In this video, Jay Brown demonstrates a way to earn $ 500 by copying and pasting ads .

here and what we’re going to be promoting isn’t online education product and what you do is you’ll go right over here and ok to works is create and account and you will sign up so click big dotcom you can type but in the google do whatever you want now if you are a friend of mine from at night

a theory of bangladesh the bob way on the one of these the countries now you can signed up for this affiliate network there’s the link and the description it’s for just or twenty four dotcom and this site will accept affiliates from any country in the world so any country in the world

it doesn’t matter and you can sign up here you know they have a sign up form you can sign up as an affiliate marketer here it’s three to sign up and you can start getting paid can access their thing

now after you sign up for one of these networks are signed up for clicked back is the main one we’re going to be discussing you can go into their marketplace right here and you can

like the marketplace and search for my last name because the product we’re going to be selling is actually my products when the top selling products in the world of the fill at marketing and you will go right here

how to make money and promote to clickbank products

see there’s my product you type in my name so that and i’ll show you once again after you click you click the marketplace you click that you search my name christie click the search button and the page want to go to in the link has also in the description

is the affiliate page or what is also known as the page right here

boom so now you’re only a fully at page and this explains about the product you’ll be selling now every time a post link and somebody buys from the link he post and i’m going to show you how to put the targeted links up in a second you will learn the amount of only right here a four hundred and sixty three dollars you will also be re having an additional recurring revenue of two and then sixty two dollars on average so you can

how to make $100 a day online from copy and paste on clickbank

This is also another way to profit from copying and pasting on ClickBank . we’ve recurring income that comes over and you can receive additional money and this helps you actually create a stable in which is really exciting so right there you can get started with so just leave this page up this is  

where you will get some of your ads from explains about my training course again if you want to take my training courses things are also in the description it’s a six weeks course but what we’re going to be focus

on his selling and making money so you have clicked back and me pay you money now the type of ads we’re going to be posting are called classified as and they’re all a lot of online newspapers and classified sites where people look full or anything from local the services to plumbers to the news to other sorts of things

that people look for and we’re going to post our adam there we composed it for free i found three sites we can literally post in for free and this will be targeted will use the headlight to target klee and i’m going to show you how right now we get back to my appear

vedio ; John Crestani

This video is very important to the method of profit from copying and pasting from ClickBank .
John explains how you can make money by copying and pasting into ClickBank .

now the first site here is called the free add for dotcom ok so the free add for the dotcom and this allows you to place free classified ads

the internet really really really great spot i’m really surprised i found this campaign now how this works is basically we’re going to go and post now and let me show you how to right here up at the top you see it says place of

free add a that’s where we’re going to click we’re going to go and here you’re going to register for this site ok so register for this site and let’s move aung words now this is pretty funny so they have some limitations of as you can post you cannot

all those task or as which is basically prostitution you can’t pose pharmaceutical dads or drugs you can’t off for people drugs on these sites those ads will be deleted so don’t post

prostitution drug related advertise and then we’re going to like this submit but because so we got the email we have to their fire now both ok congratulations or registers complete and we click here to place and add a click right there

how to earn money from clickbank step by step for beginners

ok boom so we’re on the ad creation screen and it says you’re add will be featured on our home page you don’t need to buy this you don’t need

actually paid ten dollars but if you pay ten dollars you can get a better listing but let’s move on words we don’t need to do that so here it says choose a cat to go


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