how to earn from clickbank

how i earn from affiliate clickbank

that john son come in it you guys are the quick video on how i was able to make an extra eight thous and this seventy five dollars in a single week on a click bank and this was just with one product guys but before we get into this video please maker you guys like common subscribe and hit the notification maybe is i’m going to be providing so much valley do you guys on each one

he was so young guys let’s get right into the reason one night making this video it’s pretty which just want to show you guys i progress with promoting clip bank but some pretty much show you guys my journey on how unable to generate

come with my business model this was a project i started promoting one we can go and i’m going to show you guys the results here so and you can see this my clyde bank good and we’re just going to or refreshed is to last week and you can see so one scroll prove here and this is my total earnings and sales from one click bank radical and so as you guys can see in the total comes out to be eight thousand a hundred and seventy five dollars and forty five

how i earn from affiliate clickbank

that set and i did this through using in a filling insight that was already gaining is so much traffic pretty much at the right time
and so the website i used to do this was actually similar with you guys on for millions would similar web it’s pretty much a website that pretty much shows the exact traffic sources and that are going to be a fully offer that are going to

affiliate site and this shows all the analytics point how well each websites performing and it gives you pretty much some good to inside our new

now one website to look out for what website they you can use to come up your and offer so i’m going to use a quick example and how this actually works so we’re just going to go to the click bank marketplace and we’re just going goes

how to earn money from clickbank step by step for beginners

so find a clip product order schooner grand me and then what it’s doing something quake so i’m just going to do clean bill you break they’re just because i re promoted this offer already so

the let’s see so in order to do this what you’re going to want to do is just copy this domain name right here oh and then you’re going to want to base the indian similar web so to right there

knowing shootings how exactly this work step by step
so there’s just gives a brief you know in debt introduction on the rankings at the website but we’re not going to be focusing on the today we’re just going to look at

the referrals so this is the most important part of the website and this is what you’re going to want to look out for when you choosing in a feeling inside to come out your fully offered a

so as you guys can see the top of sites are strong younger young and healthy year strong and hold fact grows away so the side that you want to make it is the one geese lean that is

performing the best out of the five by you know this is what so powerful about this website is it shows kind of websites to avoid more website

how i earn from affiliate clickbank for beginners

a great potential to help your philip product and what you can can see here that the young and well be is obviously performing very well it’s increased a light and percentage and you know a good thing about this is if you can

when there’s a lot of traffic go into that website you can potentially earn a lot of sales for your clip think products so were just going to go to this website for an example

and you guys can see that this on each pacific website based on health and you know right was so large is going to scroll down i’m not going to really looking at the living room was going to give you a green the overview

how to make money and promote to clickbank products

so you can you can see she has a bunch of you know particles she probably has a bunch of different kinds of as that are on he or so the thing that i did to actually get my a feeling drink on the website would

as i use what is called banner and you that can use native and says well the reason why he’s better and was because you know click bank already provides you with

a there at for your feel that product so you guys can see it here so you can see a failure links banners and all you want to do is poster filling it like right here

minds obviously a home john stanzi cell earlier in his personalize your fully at code and scrolling a little further and you’re going to see that my the idea is already attached each of these bands

so all we really have to do is just copy that

so a good banner that would be one like this one so all you have things highlight all copy it

and then what you’re going to want to deal is email war in fact the person that runs this website so she has
you’re contact information right here on you nothing there are email you could you know color and you just give them a brief intro on


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